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History of Munkfors Railway Station

How did a railway Myra-Munkfors-Deje change into a bicycle route Klarälvsbanan?

How did Munkfors railway station change into Guesthouse Perrongen Munkfors?

Now, lets's find out more ...

As time goes by...
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Once upon a time ...

Munkfors got its first railway connection when the section between Myra-Munkfors was inaugurated on October 1, 1890.

In 1903, Munkfors-Deje was added and the following year Deje-Karlstad.

The great public pleasure during the 1910s and 20s was to go down to the station to watch the trains and their passengers. Days before holidays, the platform was a single large sea of ​​people. Even much later it is said that on Sunday afternoons people sat on the slope up towards Hea to watch the trains coming in. The press was close to the rails and the kiosk owner's daughter says that there was no freezer on the trains, so when they got ice cream delivered, they threw out both ice cream and ice directly outside the kiosk. When the immensely popular Eldfesten in Hagfors was held, extra trains had to be brought in and wanna-party travelers came all the way from Karlstad.

Despite modernizations, train traffic could not compete with the increasing popularity in passenger cars but was discontinued. The last passenger train ran on November 1, 1964, but the freight trains continued to run until 1991 when the rails were torn down.

Project to convert railway into a paved cycle path of 90 km (Klarälvsbanan) started in August 2000 between Deje and Forshaga and finished in the autumn 2005 between Munkfors and Uddeholm. The first tourist season on Klarälvsbanana started in 2006.

Since 2009 the old railway station was turned into a bed & breakfast (Perrongen) by Hannah & Gert from the Netherlands. Jessie and Alexander took over Perrongen in 2019. From 2021 Perrongen Bed & Breakfast Munkfors has changed into Perrongen Guesthouse Munkfors with 2 separate modern furnished apartments for renting. 

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